Thermes in Sinsheim and Titisee

With the summer, you love to splash around in the ocean or to swim in the pool, just to cool off during these hot periods. Why not take advantage of these summer temperatures to discover German baths, they are renowned for their quality. These real water parks are the Badewelt in Sinsheim and the Badeparadise in Titisee.

If you live in the east of France and you want to change your mind a weekend or even an afternoon, take the opportunity to go to Germany to swim! Indeed not far from the Franco-German border, Badewelt and Badeparadise will certainly please you, especially if you are interested in sipping cocktails and relaxing with friends or family. Dear Fuzzy, these places have been tested and approved by hand, and what about you?

Badeparadies Schwartzwald in Titisee

Why go there?

Whether for young or old, the Badeparadise Park offers you no less than 25 attractions to entertain you and also a wellness area where you can relax in a Caribbean-style setting by drinking your drink as if you were really your fingers. Fan in the tropics!

The advantages of the park:

⁃ A shop: always nice for children and you can also buy swimsuits if you had never forgotten (we laugh but it happens!).

⁃ A restaurant: with all these activities, it will be necessary to take a break to regain strength before continuing to discover this heavenly place.

⁃ Theme nights: open until 10pm, the park also organizes parties as if you were in a club!


Monday to Sunday from 9h to 22h

Prices :

⁃ Free admission up to 3 years included

⁃ Day ticket: 22 euros (GALAXY zone: 25 attractions) / 25 euros (Oasis zone of the palms: +16 years, water at 23 ° C, cocktails under real palm trees) / 29 euros (zone vital Palace: +16 years because naturist area) with a supplement of 3 euros for weekends and holidays

Badewelt in Sinsheim

Why go there?

⁃ Part “Palm Paradise”: all pools are lined with beautiful orchids, there are 400 beautiful real palms and finally a rooftop with panoramic views.

⁃ “Spa” part: the Koi-Sauna is simply the largest sauna in the world, you will only be able to adore it! There are plenty of sauna themes: one with koi carp, one with a thievery, one with a giant screen to watch documentaries, a Viennese coffee style !! It’s really amazing.

⁃ Part “Pool”: 6 lines of water are waiting for you with 3 meters of bottom. And let’s not forget the sunroof that turns the space into an outdoor pool perfect for the summer period!

The advantages of the park: the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month, the park is naturist, advice to fans!


Monday to Sunday from 10h to 23h

Prices :

⁃ Free admission up to 3 years included

⁃ Day ticket: 30 euros (Palm Paradise + pool) / 38 euros (spa area + swimming pool + Palm Paradise, +16 years old) / 29 euros (Vital Palace area: +16 years old as naturist area) with extra 3 euros on weekends and holidays

Dear Fuzzy, all you have to do is wish you a good swim in paradise of palm trees and below a link to discover the splendid baths of Sinsheim.