Netflix : La Casa de Papel

“Casa de Papel” was created by Alex Pina and broadcast in May 2017 in Spain. This mini serie on the theme of the robbery was quickly spotted by Netflix, who decided to broadcast it in December 2017 with enormous success.

History of La Casa De Papel

“The Professor” includes eight criminals around him: Rio, Oslo, Tokyo, Moscow, Nairobi, Berlin, Denver and Helsinki. Each has complementary skills to its partners, creating an ideal team to organize a large-scale flight. The idea is to attack the National Factory of the currency and the stamp of Madrid, it is not only to turn it but to stay 12 days to print the equivalent of 2.4 billion dollars. ‘euros in cuts of 50 euros and all this without making a single victim …

Isolated in a country house, the teacher teaches them everything they need to know during a five-month training. Everything is thought in the smallest details: infiltration, the takeover of the factory, the behavior to have … It is a robbery where the public opinion is very important, with the idea that money stolen is created on the spot, so it does not belong to anyone, that there is no victim.

The success of La Casa De Papel

From the first moments, the series is revealed with many winning points. The flight starts from the first episode and the story does not waste time, the characters are shown briefly before being developed later.

Of course, everything does not go completely according to the plan devised by the Professor and the pace of the series is ultra efficient with many twists, adventures in all directions and revelations conducted to keep the suspense intact. Quiet moments of discussions and flash of the past of criminals alternate with moments of action, so the story develops while keeping you on your hunger until the final denouement.

The inspirations of La Casa De Papel

The training and high-flying aspect may be reminiscent of Ocean’s trilogy, but we can also think of the film “Inside Man” in the sense that they have to stay in the prison for almost two weeks to print the tickets; there is even a little bit of the “Prison Break” series with the little genius side of the Professor, who always gets by even in situations where he is overwhelmed.

The info off La Casa De Papel

Alex Pina and his team had to work hard to imagine how the National Factory of the Mint and the stamp of Madrid works, this place being super secure. It seems that the makers of the Factory reject the series “La Casa de Papel”, which they believe gives a bad image of the security of the Factory. They did not want to answer the questions of the production teams of the series …

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