A little of happiness in your daily life

To be completely in harmony with yourself, and so fulfilled and happy, it is necessary for you to put a little happiness in your daily life. According to our current state of mind, it may seem obvious or complicated, however it is extremely beneficial for you to be in an energy of joy and good mood. To be full of joy in the present moment is simply the secret of your happiness in everyday life!

If you are having a hard time, take a step back and relativize the situation by telling yourself, for example, that life goes on and that failure does not really exist. Indeed if the result did not correspond to what you wanted this time, you just got closer to the goal for the next time. In any case, you must never give up and to do this is to brighten your day up.

Start the day with a little happiness in your daily life

Your alarm clock rings? It’s time to be full of happiness, be cheerful and in a good mood to start the day. Be grateful for that air in your lungs, this mattress that gave you this sweet night (and if it’s not the case, you’ll sleep better the night after!), This day that starts full of opportunities are ready to be embrassed …

First of all visualize what you want to do this day. Set goals, maybe even sub-goals. You will accomplish them one by one during the day, and this way of segmenting your goals will motivate you during the day, as you go along. Each step, even small, will fill you with joy, and you are right, enjoy the joy of the moment knowing that in addition you are getting closer each moment a little more of your biggest objectives.

Mood is a very important factor in the course of your day: you wake up on the right foot, so everything will be easier. Starting with gaiety in the morning will seem more obvious. While if you’re bored, the little worries will seem to accumulate, you may want to question yourself, even to be anxious and sad, and this is the last thing you want!

So if you’re thinking of starting the day by seeing everything in black, do not get shot down and start remembering at least one thing you’re happy at right now, or think back to any memory full of joy! Then take a deep breath as you visualize that memory or happy thought and how that feeling you feel at that moment could be extended to the rest of your day …

Smile and laugh: the key to happiness in your daily life

“Smile and people will smile back”, it is what we are told from a young age and we have seen more than once that it is true. Of course we do not smile waiting for a smile in return, it’s selfless, it’s simply that sometimes we overflow with gaiety and our smile shines to others who sometimes give it back to us.

Smile to your loved ones and even strangers you just meet in the street, you will bring this blessed lightness, it can also give you confidence. Test, feel this heat, this appeasement that opens doors for you!

Greet those around you and others with whom you interact. Of course you think that it’s politeness, but think of living and feeling your “goodmorning” or nod, look at the grocer in the eyes, give a smile to the postman … Put some humanity and a little happiness in your daily life and that will shine on others.

TIP: Laugh! It’s good for your health and it extends your life expectancy. Jokes with friends, improvisational shows, move your zygomatic!

Take the air to put happiness in your daily life

To add a little happiness in your daily life, you must also get out of your den. Get some fresh air, see the world, go out for a walk! The walk has real benefits, it is important for the health of your body and your head to do a physical activity every day even a little bit (the famous 10,000 steps daily!).

Going out to take the air will bring you a breath of oxygen and escape, to put your problems aside for a while (at least 1 hour!). In addition the sun is amazing for the health, it is very good for the mood all year long.

TIP: If you want to bring music or a book: with these outdoor moments, in a park, at the edge of a water point, in the forest or in the fields, you will really get better every time if you take the time to just be.

See your loved ones for a little happiness in your daily life

Do you have some free time during your lunches, afternoons, evenings, weekends or holidays? Take the opportunity to see friends or family. By the time you make an appointment, simply visualizing this moment of future joy will do you good. And of course there is the day of the meeting where you and the person you meet will enjoy this moment of exchange and of well-being. Take full advantage of this rare moment or not to fill up the good waves before seeing you again!

Whether you are telling yourself the good times in your life or even if you feel that you are having a hard time, share what you have on your heart, it will comfort you, your friend will comfort you and maybe bring you a new story. perspective on your situation. In any case, think of the positive if only to have these people in your life.

Love yourself : the recipe for happiness in your daily life

You have to start somewhere ! And to put a little happiness in your daily life, to put some love and trust in you can be a good start. It may seem hard, especially if you are not used to believing in yourself and your projects or have trouble getting back on your feet after a failure, but keep in mind that nothing and no one is perfect. Encourage yourself, congratulate yourself on the small victories of everyday life. Every day, every moment, do the best you can, simply by personal satisfaction, with some challenges to take up, see how you get there or at least see that at every step you learn and you become more confident.

Take care of yourself, your skin (because self-esteem begins by loving our body with our little flaws and our great qualities!). Create your morning routine that will also help you start your day. Be attentive to your rhythm, like yourself, indulge yourself with simple things, like thank your mouth to make you enjoy a good coffee.

Let go for a little happiness in your daily life

To put a little happiness in your daily life, we must learn to relativize the negative! Obviously we do not live in a world without clashes and there can be insults, jealousy, accidents, conflicts …

Whatever the situation, there is no point in worrying about the future. You can not know what tomorrow will be like and viewing the worst will only prevent you from enjoying the present.

When you are in a negative situation, do not get overwhelmed by negative emotions, getting angry will not change the situation.

During the negative situation

Differentiate a negative situation with a loved one or if they are just people you do not know who throw you words you do not like, in the latter case just ignore them.

If it is about loved ones, you can not ignore them and leave this difficult situation because your silence or departure could hurt the person, however know to put some limits to their negativity and take on you. They are probably in a bad state and find themselves aggressive in their disarray. Listen to them, try to take a step back because in absolute terms all this does not necessarily relate to you. If your friend is really difficult and you feel that you are suffering from this situation, do not force yourself, propose to reschedule this discussion at a time when it will be quieter, where he himself will have taken a step back.

After the negative situation

It is normal that the desire to think and think again about this disturbed situation. You can think about it for a few minutes : to think about whether you could have improved the situation or not. But do not waste your energy on a negative situation, do not keep coming back. Turn the page, think of something positive, be grateful to all that is already in your life. Do not hesitate to separate things between what is important and deserve your energy and what does not or will disappeared by taking a step back. Do not forget that nothing is unchangeable, everything can always evolve and finally that everything is just a question of point of view.


(credit photo Francesco Procopio)