Movie Ocean’s 8

Released in early summer 2018, the American film Ocean’s 8 is produced by Gary Ross. This is a spin-off of the trilogy “Ocean” by Steven Soderbergh with Ocean’s 11 in 2001, Ocean’s 12 in 2004 and Ocean’s 13 in 2007. The cast of this original trilogy was composed of famous actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle and Julia Roberts. The theme of the Ocean’s films is the robbery organized by a band of friends that creates a breath taking organization to succeed.

The film Ocean’s 8 is actually the female counterpart of the first Ocean’s films, especially since it is directly linked in the screenplay by the main character. The brain of the robbery, is actually the sister of Danny Ocean (aka George Clonney) . Ocean’s 8 is a very funny comedy film so if you like action and laughter, buy your tickets!

The main actresses of the movie Ocean’s 8

Here is the totally female cast of Ocean’s 8:

Sandra Bullock: Deborah Ocean
Cate Blanchett: Lou Miller
Anne Hathaway: Daphne Kluger
Helena Bonham Carter: Rose Weil
Rihanna: Nine Ball
Mindy Kaling: Amita
Awkwafina: Constance
Sarah Paulson: Tammy
Synopsis of the movie Ocean’s 8

After 5 years in cell, Deborah (Debbie) Ocean gets out of jail. During her incarceration, she had a long time to think about the biggest robbery of her life: stealing the $ 150 million diamond necklace worn by Daphne Kluger during the totally VIP ceremony of the Met Gala. To succeed, Debbie needs a band of the best stingers in the United States. With her “partner in crime” friend, Lou Miller, they will recruit Amita the jeweler, Constance the scammer of New York, Tammy the recleuse, Nine Ball the hacker and Rose the fashion designer.

Just like in the original Ocean’s trilogy, famous people (supermodel, actors …) make small appearances during the film, this reminder to the trilogy is very nice and gives a harmony of style.

Without wanting to reveal the plot, unlike the male trilogy Ocean, the scenario does not stop at the successful robbery made by the girls, lot of interesting twists will come after ! Because even with a great organization beautifully realized, a milimeter timing and a Plan B strategy in case of glitch : will they steal the jewel without getting caught ?

Ocean’s 8 movie review

The film was well received by public and press critics! Especially since the film Ocean’s 8 is timely in a feminist wave. By showing that a gang of girls is just as capable of a robbery as a gang of men (not counting post-robbery twists) and the film will surprise more than one. Even if it is only a movie, the female audience can appreciate that after a trilogy Ocean (mainly staging men decision makers with women playing only roles of love), it is women who become queens of the film.

Why number 8 for Ocean’s 8?

Following the death of actor Bernie Mac on August 9, 2008 (aka Frank Catton) in the Ocean’s trilogy, there was no film Ocean’s 14. There was no question of replacing a pillar of the trilogy and this would have greatly disappointed the fans of Ocean’s. That’s why 11 years later, the saga returns to the big screen.

Especially since this year, the novelty is that the film changes angle: after three first films on Danny and his gang of robbers, it is now the turn of his little sister Debbie to take over after the death of his brother. Make way for the girl power!

The choice of this number 8 and not 14 or 10 also suggests that a new trilogy could emerge. You may have noticed, the first three films were Ocean’s 11/12/13, so it is highly possible that after Ocean’s 8, there is an Ocean’s 9 and 10 and why not an Ocean 20 with a big male/female final ?!

Good session fuzzy! Here is the trailer of the movie Ocean’s 8 below.